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Member Benefits

  • Legislative Advocacy: WVAMA will present member issues to the West Virginia Legislature, Governor, state and federal leaders.
  • Membership Directory: WVAMA include members in and provide members with a directory to assist in locating and contacting industry suppliers and colleagues.
  • Electronic News: WVAMA will disseminate news and information to keep members current on local, state, and federal issues and events.
  • Annual Conference and Exposition: WVAMA members can receive certain membership benefits at this event.
  • Member Assistance Programs: WVAMA membership can provide you with resources, counsel and other programs from West Virginia’s leading airport managers and staff.

WVAMA Annual Dues:

  • Executive: open only to persons exercising active responsibility for management, general superintendence or administration of an airport and who are continuously engaged in such activity as a gainful occupation. The Executive Member may designate to the Secretary/Treasurer not more than two additional employees who shall enjoy executive membership status for the membership year and who shall have voting rights. $400.00/YR.
  • Category I - Commercial Service Airports: 100,000 or more enplanements - $750.00/YR; 50,000-99,999 enplanements - $400.00/YR; less than 50,000 enplanements - $200.00/YR
  • Category II - General Aviation Airports: 50,000 or more operations - $200.00/YR; less than 50,000 operations - $150.00/YR.
  • Associate: Membership in the Associate category shall be open to Aviation Professionals such as pilots, enthusiasts, lobbyists or industry support organizations; and to persons who do not meet the criteria in Category No. 1 above, but are actively responsible for oversight of an airport, such as Members of Authorities, Commissions, City, State or Federal Governmental Agencies or Boards or other Agencies engaged in the establishment, ownership, administration, operation or management of airports. Associate members shall not enjoy voting privileges. $100.00/YR.
  • Corporate: Open to all public or private corporations, business organizations, or individuals who manufacture or supply any items used by airports or aircraft or who perform any type of service for airports or who publish any periodicals dealing with aviation. Corporate members shall not enjoy voting rights. Each corporate member shall designate to the Secretary/Treasurer not more than one person who shall enjoy Association rights and privileges accorded to corporate members. $500.00/YR.
  • Student: Open to students enrolled in aviation courses in recognized schools and universities. This classification of membership will terminate when the member is no longer enrolled in the school or university. Student members shall not enjoy voting rights. $25.00/YR.
  • Honorary Lifetime: Honorary Lifetime Memberships in the Association may be bestowed upon former Members of the Association who are no longer actively involved in airport management or in related aviation pursuits. Such membership can be bestowed only by written resolution adopted by a majority vote of the Association’s Executive Membership. Such special membership shall be interrupted for any period during which the holder returns to active airport management or related aviation pursuit. Honorary Lifetime Members shall have no vote in the Association and will not pay annual dues, but they shall be required to pay registration fees and any other related costs of any Association function which they attend.


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