WVAMA is an association of publicly-owned and operated airports, aviation professionals, and experts in the fields of airport design, development, and improvement, as well as aviation trades that support the airport industry in West Virginia.

WVAMA provides up-to-date information to its members about key issues affecting West Virginia’s airports through emails, presentations, publications, specialty conferences and its website.

WVAMA provides industry input into decisions affecting aviation and airports through communications with local, state, and federal leaders. Through its membership base, WVAMA has relationships with each legislator in the state, as well as West Virginia’s congressional delegation.

WVAMA works with the State’s Aeronautics Commission on the annual conference. There is no greater opportunity to network with the aviation industry in West Virginia.

Every airport in the state, regardless of size, provides that community’s access to the global economy. WVAMA airports must continue to be developed, improved, and expanded to meet the needs of tomorrow’s business environment.