West Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame Nomination Submission Criteria

  • One (1) original copy of the inductee nomination form.
  • One (1) original copy of the aviation background questionnaire.
  • One (1) copy of an introduction letter (a minimum of three (3) typewritten, double spaced pages) addressing the following areas. Photocopies of photographs should also be included.
    • Achievements enhancing aviation.
    • Contributions to the development of others in aviation, i.e., pilots, mechanics, etc.
    • Service to the State of West Virginia in aviation activities, either directly or indirectly.
  • One (1) copy of a biographical resume. Be as detailed as possible. Remember that in the case of candidates not generally familiar to the Selection Committee members, presenting a good case is important. Include documentation where available with dates of military service, units served with, dates of airline employment, dates of business owned, etc. If possible, include copies of clippings, logbook entries, citations and awards granted to the individual.
  • One (1) original copy of a close-up headshot of the nominee. This is essential should the candidate become elected. Many things such as news releases, award plaques, slide presentations, and brochures generated around the candidate are beneficial. If possible, provide additional photos of the person at their work, with their airplane, or involved in their aviation activity. We will scan the pictures and return the originals if you request them back. If we receive no photos, the candidate will not be considered.
  • One (1) original copy of backup letter(s) from other parties to affirm your nomination. People with community support and backing are always favored over those with little support. Make your candidate a strong one!
  • Any additional documentation deemed appropriate.
  • All nominations must be received by April 30 and sent to:
    West Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame Selection Committee Chairperson
         PO BOX 10160
         Charleston, WV 25357